When the NY Post does a 2 page feature on you and your last name isn’t Jeter or Rodriguez, and they refer to you as “Mr. Saturday Night” and “The Celebrity Concierge”, then you must be doing something right. When you’re hanging with Virgin Atlantic Owner, Richard Branson, at La Esquina after a successful VFest, and a reporter says “Who’s the guy with Richard Branson?”, you must be doing something right. When you’re sitting during an interview with “The King Of Kamelot”, and you’re texting back and forth with one of your best friends, Music Star, Cee-Lo Green (Who shares the same tattoo as you “GTG’ meaning “Good Time Guys” meaning your little private good times party group) you’re doing something right. When Prince hits you up when he comes into New York City, and wants you to show him the town, then you must be doing something right. When Kanye West calls you to set up a “Private Concert”, and you set it up at the hottest door in NYC, The Box, and you have your good friend Mos Def, and International Soccer Star and celebrity David Beckham in attendance, then you must be doing something right. When Shakira hosts SNL, and her people reach out to you to set up the after party, and you take her and her Entourage to the Boom Boom Room you must be doing something right.  When you’re a part of the hottest UnderGround magazine in NYC, The Dirty Durty Diary, whose contributors are people like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, you must be doing something right.  When the celebs and “Power Players” come to you needing access, then who’s the real celeb here?

The funny thing is, if you asked Christian Alexander, he doesn’t want to talk about celebs, or how he runs New York, and definitely doesn’t perceive himself as “Cool” even though I said to him, ‘You’re the baddest man on the planet in my opinion. Most people are trying to get access to celebs, meanwhile they are trying to get access to you!”, and his response was “Man, I’m just a good guy trying to have a good time”, and to me that’s the coolest shit about him (He’s so humble, underground, non-mainstream, and the Anti-Braggard, and I joked to him ‘You’re gonna probably kill me when I write this piece with your interview because I know this isn’t how you are, but it’s just cool dude”). Christian is everything about NYC that I loved growing up when I used to party at the hottest places on the planet like Bungalow 8 and SoundFactory before bottle service bought a bunch of losers entrance. During that era in New York the only way to get into those places was you had to know someone who knew someone who knew someone who might know a guy like Christian who’s number you still wouldn’t get. He is the American Express Centurian Card of nightlife, once you’re in the exclusive club, a whole new world opens up that you didn’t even know existed.  And on a personal note, having spent the afternoon with him, he’s just a cool as shit down to Earth guy!! And when the NY Post starts off your feature writing this, you must be doing something right:

“He books tables for Prince. He sets up private shows for Kanye and finds after-parties for Shakira. His phone number is passed around the country like the password to a secret club for the mega-cool. He’s Christian Alexander, a music insider and night-life fixture who’s become a concierge to celebs who need help navigating the wilds of downtown Manhattan. “Celebrities don’t really know what to do when they come to town,” says Alexander, 41, a slender man covered in tattoos but dressed in Christian Dior. But, if the celebs — or their handlers — know Alexander’s phone number, he can take care of everything. “I bring them into normalcy, where they can relax and no one is going to bother them,” he says. “I take them to the core of the real New York scene.” Most nights, he can be found walking the small stretch of Kenmare Street between La Esquina, the Mexican speakeasy, and Kenmare restaurant, the beautiful-people place. It’s not much in terms of geography — a few hundred yards or so — but in New York measurements, it’s a small kingdom. Celebs, music execs, club kings, the beautiful girls — and the powerful men who love them — file in and out of the two hot spots all night long, many with Alexander’s blessing. His fiefdom extends to most nightclubs below 14th Street — the exclusive places on the Lower East Side and in the Meatpacking District.”

Here is my interview with “The Baddest Man Alive” where we talk about his BadAss Life (Although he doesn’t really see it that way) on his favorite bench in SoHo ( I think I saw more hot girls pass us in an hour then I can even describe):

And here is the link and pictures of his amazing NY Post Article: