Pierre Robert is considered by many to be the most popular and respected Rock Radio DJ in the country, having achieved “Rock Star” status (No Pun Intended) by his encyclopedia-like knowledge of the genre, while being granted rare interviews and appearances with the biggest rock stars in the world (Listen to his story about ending up on Bon Jovi’s Private Jet in the interview or walk into his studio where we shot the interview and see the pictures of him sitting with Bono, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, and anyone else you can think of!!), and establishing himself as possibly the most well known on-air personality in Philadelphia history (The only other person that has similar stature has been Jerry “The Geator With The Heater” Blavat who I interviewed months ago and is in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame)…He just celebrated 30 years with WMMR, which is one of the most respected Rock Stations in America, and what is even cooler is that in just talking to him, you get the feeling that one day when he passes,  it will be in studio with his arms wrapped around a vinyl record doing what he truly loves, giving the “Citizens” great Rock music to listen to.  Philadelphia is a very unique town, and there are few “Citizens” who have given as much to the city, and become so identifiable with it’s rich cultural history as Pierre Robert, so here’s toasting to another 30 years for a National Rock institution!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with “The King Of Rock Radio” for a rare interview to talk about his iconic career, some of his favorite moments over the last 30 years, how he evaluates the evolution of rock music, who some his current favorite bands/artists are, what led him to develop his “Signature” look, The “Somehow I ended up on Bon Jovi’s Private Jet flying cross country” story, what Preston and Steve (Philly’s #1 rated Radio show) had to say about him, and soooo much more!!  This man is a living legend, and has helped shape the face of Rock radio, and this interview gives you a taste of history, and the coolest part is that we filmed the interview right in his studi…Enjoy Kade Nation!!