Following a blog on someone as well branded and accomplished as Steve Santagati (NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Manual”, TV Personality for EXTRA, and basis for the movie “The Ugly Truth” starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl), I knew would be quite a task, but I also knew that who better to follow up the man known as “America’s Most Famous Bad Boy” then with one of the most beautiful, sexiest, and flat out coolest women on the planet, Playboy Playmate Shannon James.   There is a certain “Sexiest Women Alive” mystique around Playboy Playmates (One of The Entourage put it perfectly in saying “They are the professional athletes of the female gender”) that is stronger then even Victoria’s Secret Models or SI Bathing Suit models because of the history of the Playboy Brand and how tremendously selective they are in picking centerfolds including celebs, the popularity of Hugh Hefner and mystique surrounding him, and men generally view Playmates as hotter and sexier because they have the confidence to pose tastefully naked, and that gives off an amazing amount of sexuality and girl next door appeal that men love above anything else!

Shannon is one of the most popular Playmates of all time for Playboy, having posed as the centerfold for the Anna Nicole Smith Commemoration Issue in May 2007, and holds the elite position of being the Spokeswoman for Macanudo Cigars as well as a super sought after Model.  She has appeared on TV many times on shows like The Hills and Holly’s World and is good friends with other popular Playmates like Jayde Nicole (Playmate of The Year and Brody Jenner’s EX) and Jamie Edmundson (The hottest Red Head alive in my opinion), and she can’t be any cooler, sexier, or down to Earth in real life!

Here is an amazing interview with ‘The King Of Philadelphia” himself, where we discuss how Shannon got into Playboy (Including her appearance on The Howard Stern Show), what it would take for a man to win her heart (She couldn’t be more down to Earth), being the Spokeswoman for Macanudo Cigars and a working Model, and what the life of a Popular Playmate looks like (I think I needed CPR at various points in the interview!!):