Whenever you have the chance to spend the day with the “Kings” of the heavy metal genre, who combined have sold 100 million plus albums, and won every music award and distinction known to man, then I guess you have to jump at the opportunity!!  Here are some of my awesome backstage interviews/moments with some of the biggest names in Hard Rock (Some are legends/icons in the music industry revered by millions!), including an amazing and exclusive backstage time while watching Multi-Platinum selling Mega Group, “Disturbed” play to a sold house of 20,000 people strong!! Enjoy Kade Nation!!!….

Shawn Drover-Drummer of the iconic Megadeth: They are the pioneers of Thrash Metal, have sold over 40 million albums, are considered one of the “Big 4” of thrash with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax who will all play a sold out Yankees Stadium next month, have released 5 straight top 10 Billboard albums, been nominated for 9 Grammy awards, and gone multi-platinum on their last 8 albums, are led by one of the most famous, polarizing, and iconic frontmen in rock and roll history, Dave Mustaine (pictured below giving an interview to Artisan Entertainment, the only interview he gave all day!!), and are releasing their 13th studio album later this year which will undoubtedly be there 6th straight top 10, multi-platinum album)

Paolo Gregoletto-Bass Guitar for Trivium: They are one of the biggest names in Hard Rock, their last two albums have opened in the top 25 of the Billboard 200, with their last album Shogun being called “One of the best metal albums in recent memory” by Rolling Stone magazine.  Their next album “In Waves” is expected to open top 10 on the Billboard 200 because of the amazing popularity of the band

Dave McClain-Drummer for Machine Head: Another legendary band that is one of the pioneering bands of the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal”, who’s last 4 albums have charted on the Billboard 200, they have been Grammy nominated, and have millions of fans worldwide when they play to sold out arenas all over the world..They have also maintained an enormous presence on MTV , and their new album “Unto The Locust” is being called “One of the most anticipated heavy metal albums of the last decade” because they have not released anything since 2007..

and I’d like to welcome a new member to the “ArthurKade.com” family, Matt The Producer, who will be handling much of the off-camera duties in helping me take this endeavor to the next level, but will also be stepping out in front of the camera to do some interviews and add a different flavor (Notice he has his own unique closing line :)).  Here he interviews Justin Foley, a member of one of the more up and coming Metal bands out there, UnEarth, who are about to release their 5th studio album, “Darkness In The Light”, which is one of the most anticipated Heavy metal albums of 2011

Here I am hanging out with and talking to one of the most iconic drummers in Hard Rock history, Shannon Larkin, longtime member of “Godsmack”, who have sold over 20 million albums, their last 3 albums have debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts.  The band also has parked a ratified 19 top ten rock radio hits, including 15 songs in the Top Five, a record number of top ten singles by a rock artist, and they’re only 5 albums in to their career!!

and although one of the biggest bands in hard rock, “Disturbed” (The band has released five studio albums, four of which have consecutively debuted at number-one on the Billboard 200!!) , weren’t doing interviews because of rumors of a break-up/indefinite hiatus, but we were exclusively brought on stage during their performance where we took a few pictures (Security was beyond strict about shooting on stage, but here’s an idea of where we were), and even did a shot of Jameson with the band after they were done playing to a full house (One of the coolest experiences you can ever imagine..Once in a lifetime stuff!!)!!