The retired and extremely dangerous spies of “Red” are back. Bruce Willis leads the charge on “Red 2,” the action-comedy sequel directed by “Galaxy Quest” veteran Dean Parisot, with an all-star cast in tow: returning players John Malkovich and Helen Mirren, plus new marquee names like Anthony Hopkins and Cathereine Zeta-Jones.

Willis once again plays Frank Moses, a ‘Retired, Extremely Dangerous’ CIA agent who now mock-enthusiastically shuffles up and down the aisles at his local Costco in an effort to stave off the boredom of domestic anonymity. His girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), who is decidedly less excited about accumulating enormous quantities of perishable goods, is thrilled by the prospect of some bona fide action after Frank’s longtime pal Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) shows up, insisting that Interpol is after them. But when Marvin’s conspiracy theories prove true, the three of them set out to find who’s been pursuing them and why, eventually reconnecting with former colleague Victoria (Helen Mirren) and Frank’s ex-girlfriend Miranda (Catherine Zeta-Jones) as they simultaneously discover an international plot to set off a nuclear weapon in the heart of Russia — which they are going to be blamed for, if they can’t stop it.

Here The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade chats #InTheLab on the red carpet of the NYC “Red 2” premiere with Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Helen Mirren, and Mary Louise Parker: