The hardest thing in any industry or profession is creating longevity.  We live in a “Hot Today, Gone Tomorrow” generation, where movie stars and Grammy winners are practically homeless overnight, and businesses that are considered “The Wave Of The Future” are bankrupt within minutes, and there is no world that this is more applicable to then Fashion.  Designers are made and broken season by season, and one can go from being Neiman Marcus Couture to Macy’s wholesale overnight, so to see what Jewelry Designing Icon Steven Lagos has accomplished for three and a half decades is nothing short of astonishing.  Few jewelry designers/brands in history have created such a timeless and glamorous name and look for themselves as Lagos, to the point where when I was 19 years old working at Neiman Marcus, I will never forget him doing a trunk show and having what seemed like a thousand women waiting in line to meet him (I remember one in particular joking “I would rather meet Steven Lagos then Al Pacino!” while waiting to meet him), so the fact that after 35 years of sitting at the forefront of the jewelry world, Lagos is at his highest popularity point, and trucking forward at an unprecedented rate, with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and fashion’s greatest brand makers showing his continued brilliance and ability to stay ahead of the fashion curve, it seems impossible to not call the man a fashion icon!  His jewelry is considered “Timeless”, but the one thing you sense from meeting him is that he is an artist who still feels that there is more room for growth, more expression, and that his best work lies ahead..

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the Fashion Icon that is simply known by his last name to millions of people around the world, in his incredibly posh NY Warehouse studio (The views and roofdeck are nothing short of breathtaking with 360 degree views of The Big Apple) to have an intimate conversation about what is like being one of the “Rock Stars” of the jewelry world, how he has maintained his creativity and ability to stay “Hot” over the years, the evolving process of him as an artist and businessman, what led him to become a designer, his feelings for his hometown of Philadelphia, who his favorite Celebrity Lagos wearing sighting was, and what lies ahead for this innovative pioneer.  Just from hanging with him, I can share with Kade Nation that his energy and charisma are ultra contagious, and you get the sense that this is a man that lives his art and his passion for creating beautiful pieces is possibly higher then ever as one can see when you visit his website…Enjoy!!