Rumer is the next big singer coming out of the UK, following in the footsteps of this year’s star Adele (To be honest, I almost find Rumer’s voice to be more genuine and beautiful then Adele’s after hearing her live at her concert, but that’s like comparing flawless diamonds against each other), and other mainstream icons like Amy Winehouse and Duffy, with her debut album “Seasons Of My Soul” going Platinum, becoming one of the UK’s highest selling, most critically acclaimed, and most talked about albums of 2011, and gaining her praise from the like likes of Elton John who said her voice is ““extraordinary, beautiful; she’s going to be a huge star.”, and who had her open for him for a sold out concert performance in the UK and Burt Bacharach who actually invited her to his house to write material with her. The buzz and press that surrounds Rumer right now is off the charts with press like this:

“The best new voice of the year.” -Mojo Magazine
“Breathtaking, this debut single caused our jaws to drop.” -Music Week
“She’s more than a new discovery…the best act we’ve heard in ages.” -The Guardian
“Clearly on her way to stardom…Rumer is stunning”. -The Independent
“The hype is justified – this new singer is the real deal.” -The Sunday Times
“The most exciting new talent of the moment.” -The Observer
“Stunning…the world really does need her songs.” -The Telegraph

And the scary thing is that her album hasn’t even hit the states yet (Which it will be in early next year), which will make her one of the most talked about artists of 2012, and perhaps lead to the Adele-Level success!!  Her sound is unreal, and has drawn comparisons to Karen Carpenter and Dusty Springfield.  Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brightest star in the UK right now, to talk about her rising level of fame, ridiculous voice, relationship with Elton John and Burt Bacharach, the inspiration behind “Seasons Of My Soul”, what it was like growing up in an expat community without TV and Internet, who her celebrity crush is, and where she will be in 5 years (Not what you would think)..Kade Nation is watching the Adele of next year so remember this interview closely…

Here is her newest video to her latest single “Aretha”