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As a two time Olympic Gold Medalist, and best Freestyle swimmer in the world, Cullen Jones is a remarkable young man with an inspiring story. After nearly drowning at the age of five, Cullen Jones overcame his fear of water to win a gold medal at the 2008 Cullen Jones Portrait with medal, 2011Beijing Olympics. He was also the first African-American male to hold a world record in swimming. Over the past three years, Cullen has tirelessly advocated for the importance of learning to swim, and has been able to convey the message of water safety and education to a wide audience of parents, learn-to-swim providers, educators and community leaders. Cullen’s all-star performance at the 2012 London Olympics launched him further into stardom, bringing home one gold and two silver medals for Team USA.

Being a public figure, and Olympic champion allows him to give back in various ways, including his current “Make A Splash Tour”. USA Swimming Foundation joined forces with Phillips 66 to launch its Make a Splash Tour with Cullen Jones presented by Phillips 66. This tour is designed to raise awareness about the importance of learning to swim by educating parents, kids and communities. The Tour has stopped in 23 cities since its inception.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down #InTheLab with Olympic Champion Cullen Jones to talk about his work on the “Make A Splash Tour”, what it means to give back to the kids, how almost drowning propelled him to become one of the best swimmers in the pool, becoming a brand outside of the pool, lighting the Empire State Building blue this weekend, and so much more!

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