“If what we are doing here, can save one life.  Or prevent this from happening again just one time, then it’s all worth it”

Stephen Baldwin

It is impossible to fully comprehend the events that happened when Thomas Anderson Jr. walked in and fatally shot his girlfriend Kylie Ann Turczyn and then himself over their break-up, but what makes this story even worse is that it happened right in front of their 4 year old daughter Gabby.  This type of situation happens in America every day, and most of the time, no one knows it’s happening right in front of their eyes, in their neighborhood, amongst their friends, in their family, or on their block.  Domestic Abuse is something that can be helped, and if we can all work together to prevent a situation like the one above from happening again, then Stephen’s right, it’s all worth it.

Recently, Stephen Baldwin, met Gabby and her sister Amanda, through his own sister at an event, and decided to help make a difference in their lives.  Not for publicity.  Not for charity.  But because he has a chance to help people move on.  To help people send a positive message that we can all help.  That Domestic Abuse is not OK, and that we can all make a difference in each other’s lives.  Bravery and courage is what you will see in the video that I filmed with Stephen and Amanda below, so let’s all work together and use Gabby and Amanda’s courage to help stop Domestic Abuse!!  You guys are my inspiration!

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