Billy Bob Thornton is everything great about Hollywood.  He is a 3 Time Academy Award Nominee (He won for Adapted ScreenPlay for “Sling Blade”)  defining himself as one of Hollywood’s most iconic talents of our generation, who through patience, hard work, and near starvation and death finally broke through with his Critical Success “Sling Blade”, and since then has made memorable movie after memorable movie both as an actor as well as a director and screen writer.  He has released his incredible memoir this week co-written with the incredible Kinky Friedman (It has gotten sterling reviews), with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie writing an incredible foreword, and if you want to understand what goes on inside the brilliant mind of one of Hollywood’s great talents, his remarkable story of nearly dying and struggling for years until his big break, and the hilariousness of his various adventures from Arkansas to the top of the Entertainment world, then this book is for you!  The latest movie which he co-wrote with writing partner, childhood friend, and acclaimed novelist Tom Epperson (Who Kade Nation will remember I recently interviewed as well!), and directs and stars in, “Jayne Mansfield’s Car”, has been a critical hit in Europe where it tore up the Berlin Film Festival and is going to be an awards contender once it hits the states in the Fall (I went to a private screening with Billy on Monday in NYC, and this movie is one of the best and deepest American movies I have seen in a long time), so it looks like there is no slowing down for Billy Bob, and did I also mention that he is a terrific musician who has released 4 albums and toured with the likes of Willie Nelson?!  Billy Bob Thornton is a true Hollywood icon, did it the right way, and you truly get the sense that he is more interested in making great art for the public then collecting a pay check from what he calls “The Eating Machine”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of the entertainment industry’s true good guys in NYC to talk about his incredible journey from Malvern, AK to the top of Hollywood and the remarkable and hilarious stories detailed in his new memoir “The Billy Bob Tapes”, how he and Angelina Jolie have stayed friends after their divorce, what are his favorite and most memorable roles in his storied career, would he have given it all up to have become a pitcher for his beloved St. Louis Cardinals or an award winning musician, how he would describe his co-stars Robert Duvall and Kevin Bacon in the brilliant “Jayne Mansfield’s Car”, why I am bitterly jealous of him, and sooo much more!!  Billy is one of the most humble, down to Earth, and nicest guys you can ever hope to meet, and an example of what every actor should aspire to become, and why never to give up while trying to make it in the toughest business on the planet.  I can’t thank the incredible writer Tom Epperson enough for helping set this up for me (Whiskey and Grits next time!), and an enormous thank you to Arnold and Shelby on Billy’s team who couldn’t have been more accommodating and helpful, and of course the wonderful Maria at BN Union Square for always being awesome!!  Enjoy this interview with a legend Kade Nation!

And here are some of the recent interviews Billy Bob Thornton has done including CNN’s “Piers Morgan” and ABC’s “Nightline”:

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