Was there any bigger story over the past year in Entertainment then the Charlie Sheen meltdown?  He went from being the highest paid star of one of television’s most popular shows, Two and A Half Men, to going on every talk and radio show imaginable and talking about “TigerBlood”, and “Warlocks”, and then the ultimate move was his interview with 20/20 where he showed the world how “Normal” his life was when he was living with two women whom he called “The Goddesses” leading to the ultimate of public firings and a sold-out nationwide tour of stories and roasts unlike the country has ever seen.  Well one of those “Goddesses” was already famous adult film star, Bree Olson, who was one of the most successful and famous stars in porn.  If Bree was already famous, then she became “Mega-Famous” overnight, leading to paparazzi hunting her down at every breath, the cover of Playboy attached with a 10 page spread which was one of their top selling magazines of the last decade, and a level of fame that few people in this country can even dream to comprehend.  Now that same Bree Olson, has given up the adult film world, and decided to move into becoming a serious actress, looking to distance herself from the image that was created with the Charlie Sheen debacle, and create a new path for herself.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the former “Goddess” of Charlie Sheen, to talk about what it was like to be in the middle of one of the greatest entertainment meltdowns in Hollywood history, the switch over from famous adult film star and model to serious actress, did she really like the massive fame that came with the “Meltdown”, who she is cheering for in the Super Bowl, her feelings about her next steps and sooooo much more!  To be honest, when asked by a friend what Bree Olson was like to meet in person, I said “Bree was extremely intelligent, super like able, extremely charming, and you can tell she has a drive that will ultimately lead her to a level of success at whatever she does. She is a businesswoman first, and gets that she wants to become more then what she has been”.  An enormous thank you to Joe DeCandido at Mad River Manayunk who helped put this interview together and allowing me the exclusive interview with her, Josh Medeiros for being a help at the event (Make sure to check out his GLO party at Mad River every Tuesday because it was sooo fun and and packed with a great party that it was tough to go home to get work done and sleep!), and Max Tucker for being his usual awesome and accomodating self!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!