Elijah Wood is well known for his role as Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as Ryan from the FX! series, Wilfred, but Wood takes on a new persona in the upcoming film Maniac. The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade got a chance to talk with Wood about Maniac and some of his other latest projects. In the film Maniac, Wood plays a deeply disturbed man who hunts and kills women, but his character finds an opportunity for salvation when he falls in love. Elijah describes the shooting of the film, which is shown through the serial killers perspective, to be very unique and says its “uncomfortable and deeply unsettling”. Wood, known to steer clear of type casting, says it is a departure from other roles in that “It’s certainly the darkest character I’ve ever played, I’ve never had the opportunity to delve into something so dark before.” he also notes “the challenge for me as an actor in this was….it was kind of like playing an actor in three parts, 80 percent of the movie I’m behind the camera because the camera is effectively me, the other parts you’re seeing me in reflections, and then we re-recorded all the dialog”

Then we jump to the critically acclaimed American version of the show Wilfred. In the show Wilfred, Woods character Ryan, is a depressed man who has reached a cross-roads in his life and views his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, as a man in a suit. When talking about Wilfred and Ryan’s relationship, Wood compares it to a “screwed up Calvin and Hobbs“, saying “Wilfred essentially becomes an enemy, his best friend, and a life guide all at the same time.” Elijah Wood also mentions that what keeps the show going is its unique balance of being dark, bizarre, and funny all at once.Wood also talks about reprising his role as Frodo Baggins for the sequel of The Hobbit, saying it was wonderful to revisit and reunite with the cast. Elijah remains humble as he calls the success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy surreal, saying “nothing can compare you for that kind of success”. For more on Elijah Wood check out Maniac in theaters June 21st, season 3 of Wilfred on FX, and the upcoming sequel to The Hobbit.

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