When you shake Jerry “The Geator With The Heater” Blavat’s hand, you realize that you are shaking a hand that has more history attached to it then perhaps any other icon in Philadelphia’s tremendous history!  He was friends with Sinatra, Sidney Kimmel, and Dick Clark (Who just wrote the foreword in his soon to be released memoirs.  Effin’ DICK CLARK wrote his foreword!!! Are you kidding me??).  He was Sammy Davis Jr’s Best Man at his wedding.  He rolled with and helped break Frankie Valli, Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, and sooo many other musical legends over decades and decades of being the most influential man in Philadelphia’s music scene.  He was an icon who has appeared on The Tonight Show, The Monkees, The Joey Bishop Show, The Mod Squad, as well as many movies including a cameo in the soon to released Mancation starring Joey Fatone and Danica McKellar.  And even cooler, he is going to be releasing his memoirs later this summer called “You Only Rock Once”, and to say that it will be a bestseller will probably be an understatement (It’s already available for presale at a significant pre-publication discount via Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  Scheduled release date was Aug. 23, but they might be pushing it up so it can come out 3 weeks earlier)

AS MENTIONED, DICK CLARK WROTE THE BOOK’S FOREWORD but here are some of the people who supplied quotes for the book’s jacket:

Don Rickles
Frankie Valli
Bruce Willis
Smokey Robinson
Fats Domino
Kevin Bacon
Connie Francis (calling herself “the ever-hopeful Mrs. Blavat”)
Burt Bacharach
Dionne Warwick
Little Richard
Aretha Franklin
Berry Gordy
Rollye James, national radio personality
Larry Kane
Sid Mark
Seymour Stein (VP Warner Bros. Records, co-founder Sire Records – the man who gave Madonna, Alanis Morisette, Talking Heads, et al., their first recording contracts)
Freddy DeMann (co-founder Maverick Records, former manager Madonna, Michael Jackson, Shakira)

Philadelphia Magazine did a feature article on him and started it like this:

“I only know the Geator by his legend. The Geator with the Heator, the Boss with the Hot Sauce: peripatetic founding father of rock-’n’-roll; breaker of countless hit records; deejay/performer/tastemaker whose influence on the shape of American music rivals Wolfman Jack’s; close personal friend to Dick Clark, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Sidney Kimmel, Bob Brady, and half the famous mobsters in Philly”.

Here is “The Gorilla From Phila” Interviewing the ‘True King Of Philadelphia” and we discuss everything including his life growing up half Jewish half Italian in South Philly and his relationship with famous mobsters and women, his friendship with “The Rat Pack”, the current crappy state of the music industry, his favorite music star that he broke, the release of his memoirs and SOOOO Much more.  This Man is truly Philadelphia at it’s best!!!