Maragret Cho is a comedy icon, having just been nominated for an Emmy for her depiction of Kim Jong-Il on 30 Rock this season, and for breaking barriers as an actress and comedian.  Aside from the award winning specials she has produced, Grammy nominated albums, and even a reality show to her credit, Margaret has become an accomplished actress who’s current role as Terri on Drop Drop Dead Diva has helped catapult the show to stellar ratings for Lifetime.  With her new MOTHER tour putting her everywhere on the map in America (Check out tour dates here), there is no stopping this comedic force of nature as she continues to build her incredible legacy as one of Hollywood’s funniest and most innovative talents!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brilliant and hilarious Emmy Nominated Actress and Comedian Margaret Cho in NYC right before her appearance on NBC’s Today Show, to talk about her Emmy Nomination for playing one of the world’s most evil dictators (For some creatively bizarre reason I accidentally said “Kim Jong The Second” instead of “Kim Jong-Il” costing me my own Emmy Nomination) on NBC’s hit show 30 Rock, her brilliant career and breaking boundaries, her fondness for the late Phyllis Diller and other comedy legends, her role as Terri on Drop Dead Diva, how she has continued to stay the top of her game, and sooo much more!!  We even get a cameo from her boyfriend!!  Margaret is a trailblazer in comedy and culture, and couldn’t have been nicer in person, so enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is Margaret on NBC’s Today Show With Kathie Lee and Hoda, VH1’s Big Buzz, and HLN’s Showbiz Tonight as well!

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