Frank Caliendo is one of America’s funniest impersonators, having gained fame with his impressions of various personalities including Terry Bradshaw, President Bush, Charles Barkley, Jim Rome, and of course the legendary John Madden, for 8 great seasons on FOX NFL Sunday, as well as the star of TBS’ hilarious show Frank TV.  Before that, he was one of the popular comedians on the cult Fox hit Mad TV, and throughout it all, Caliendo’s impressions have become almost as famous as the people he imitates. Frank has made tons of appearances on Letterman, The View, Ferguson, Conan, and many more, and now after a brilliant run on FOX’s NFL Sunday, he leaves to pursue new opportunities.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” catches up with the hilarious and brilliant Frank Caliendo before one of his sold out shows to talk about his wonderful career, when he realized he was funny, how is able to perfectly perfect so many impressions, what lies ahead now that he has left FOX, and sooo much more!!  This video is incredible because just like in his live show, Frank seamlessly jumps in and out of character, and needless to say that I’m sure we will be seeing Frank on TV again very soon!  Make sure to check out his website linked here for his upcoming shows.  Enjoy Kade Nation.

Here are some of Frank’s recent TV Appearances including Jay Leno, Mike and Mike, and ESPN’s First Take: