Most people in the country know the absolutely hilarious Michael Ian Black (I still smile when I say his name because it’s so Hollywood which he is not when you meet him) from being the talking head personality on the popular VH1 “I Love The …” specials as well as the network hit ED that he co-starred on with another one of my favorites, Tom Cavanaugh (They are now doing an absolutely hilarious series of podcasts called “Mike And Tom Eat Snacks”), but he has been on TV, Movies, and in comedy now for over 20 years and has built an amazing career for himself, as well as a huge following of fans (1.6 million twitter followers alone!).  Many will remember him in the cult favorite “Wet Hot American Summer”, and from that he has built a tremendously diverse career that has seen him perform and written for Stella and Michael & Michael Have Issues, penned the film Run, Fatboy, Run, acted in Reaper, published a book of essays called My Custom Van, published two childrens’ books, and just generally been around things that are funny.  He even just had an hour long Comedy Central special called “Very Famous” (Which was beyond hilarious by the way!), which was incredible, and has become one of the most popular stand-ups in America!  Michael Ian Black is a truly funny and talented man who is an example of everything that is good and yet so unique about the entertainment business, but who has built a solid career along the way doing what he loves..

Here ‘The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brilliant comedian to talk about his unique career, doing stand-up, how he’s able to afford living in Connecticut, what fellow celebrity he might leave his wife for, and soo much more..I have to admit that he is one of  my favorites in the business so this was a complete joy for me so enjoy Kade Nation!!