Eugene Mirman is one of comedy’s funniest personalities, and the star of FOX’s Emmy Nominated hit show “Bob’s Burgers” where he voices one of the show’s great characters “Gene”.  As a touring comedian, and with an hour long Comedy Central special coming up which he filmed at the Fillmore Theatre in San Francisco, it looks like Eugene’s best days in the TV World lie ahead.  You may also recognize him as a regular on HBO’s critically acclaimed Flight of the Conchords and Adult Swim’s Delocated.  Eugene also had his own half hour special on Comedy Central and in 2009 was named Best New York City Comedian by the Village Voice and one of the 10 best comedians of the last decade by Paste Magazine.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brilliantly funny Eugene Mirman in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to talk about his career, his role of Gene on Bob’s Burgers, his upcoming Comedy Central special that he just recorded, his ideal TV goal, and growing up Russian.  Eugene is one of comedy’s brightest minds, and it was a pleasure to share his adventurous life!