Buying “Two Tickets To Paradise” With Eddie Money

Is there anyone who’s music is more fun to listen to, or takes you to another mental, emotional, and distant pleasure zone then the one and only Eddie Money.  Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, there were few bigger stars, and his music has remained timeless with hits like “Two Tickets To Paradise” (One of my favorite all time songs, and I actually had him sing it with me in the interview which was just awesome!), “Take Me Home Tonight”, “Shakin”, “Baby Hold On”, and countless more from his multitude of Platinum albums, and even today Eddie has such an enormous following that all his shows on his tour are sold out.  His voice and sound are truly one of a kind, and in many ways he was a pioneer for the pop-rock that we hear today from popular artists like The Fray, Maroon 5, Jack’s Mannequin, and many more who cite Eddie’s “Fun-Loving” style as influences in their own music, and where Eddie was a genius was that he really hopped on the MTV train and created some of the most unique music videos throughout the 80’s helping take his popularity to a whole new level.   As the years have passed, Money’s blue-collar brand of Rock and Roll has managed to transcend generations and continues to move audiences today with him having sold more than 30 million records, his songs have appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, and have recently been included in hit video games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Guitar Hero.”  There is truly no one like Eddie Money!  For tour info and other cool stuff, check out Eddie’s site which I’ve linked here (He just played an awesome sold out show at Mohegan Sun in CT, so check the video for that)

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the rock legend to talk about his iconic career, how he came up with the last name “Money” as his stage name, his upcoming projects which sound awesome, who some of his favorite artists were to collaborate with, his favorite moments of his career, and he seriously sings “Two Tickets To Paradise” with me!  Eddie was such a down to Earth and sweet man, and it was such a joy to meet someone who created art that shaped my childhood, and I told him “I always listen to Two Tickets and Take Me Home in the gym!” which got a good laugh out of him.  Enjoy Kade Nation!!