Their story is a magical one (Nuttin’ But Stringz is one of the hottest artists in the country right now compromised of brothers Tourie and Damien Escobar) having put them on a journey that would see them reach Multi-Platinum status on their first album, be nominated for several Grammys, win a couple Emmys, appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, The Today Show With Katie Couric, be featured in movies such as Step-Up, achieve runner up status in the Mega Hit Show, America’s Got Talent, and even featured in President Obama’s commercials in his Inaugural Campaign.  They just appeared on Dancing With The Stars, worked with the biggest name in Hip Hop, Kanye West, and now have a reality show coming out on TLC that details they’re struggle from playing in subways and barely being able to feed themselves to now being one of the most well known, and well received artists in the music business..

Here is ‘The King Of Kamelot” talking to one of the brothers, Damien Escobar who I had the chance to catch up with in NYC:

and one of their hit songs from their debut album: