Over the last decade, there has been no brighter voice for dance music then the “Queen Of Clubs” (The name of her new album trilogy which has been lighting up the charts and helped earn her a first Grammy Nomination for her song “Fantasy”), the one and only Nadia Ali. Her career exploded as a member of “iiO” with the massive 2001 hit, “Rapture” (One of my favorite songs of all time that you will hear in every club or lounge around the world every night) which went to #2 on the UK Singles chart, and helped propel her uniquely lush vocal style to become a globally recognized trademark in the dance music industry, and keeping her in nonstop demand by the hottest innovative DJ’s worldwide.   She has worked with some of the BIGGEST names in dance (I mean the list is absolutely ridiculous including the hottest young DJ in the world Avicii!!) including recent collaborations with Schiller, Sultan, & Ned Shepard, Chris Reece, Tocadisco, Serge Devant and Starkillers, while also teaming up with Armin Van Buuren, (ranked the # 1 DJ in the world for 4 consecutive years),  which has been generating a white-hot buzz. Jointly, Nadia and Armin shaped the brand-new dance track: “Feels So Good” and are currently carrying out a rigorous tour schedule on the “Armin Only Mirage” tour. “Armin Only” is an entirely sold-out world tour, filling arenas with tens of thousands of fans nightly.

There has been no one on the dance music industry that has had as many global hits and chart-toppers over the last decade in dance or expanded progressively over the years. The endless list of hits include: “Rapture”, “At The End”, “Kiss You”, and a #1 US Billboard Dance Chart hit with “Is It Love” in 2006. Nadia’s solo album “Embers” was released in 2009 and “Fantasy” soon followed, serving as a prologue to “Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Best of Nadia Ali Remixed”. In 2010, Nadia was nominated for Best Progressive/Tech House Track for “Love Story” at the International Dance Music Awards at the Winter Music Conference. She then neatly closed out the year 2010 with a Grammy nomination for her song “Fantasy”, under the “Best Re-mixed Recording” category.   It is easy to see that her career is at “Mega-stardom” levels right now (I have had more girls approach me when they saw that I interviewed her then almost any other celebrity over the last year and tell me how much they love her music!) with the absolute explosion of Dance music around the world and Nadia Ali has become the “First Lady Of Dance Music” around the world!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the absolutely gorgeous “Queen Of Clubs”, Nadia Ali, to discuss her amazing decade of defining herself as the Queen Of Dance, what it was like to get her very first Grammy nomination last year and how she first got the news (The first of many!), what it’s like to work with some of the biggest names in the world including Armin Van Buuren and Avicii, growing up in Queens and setting an example as an artist, and sooo much more!!  On a personal note, I have to share with Kade Nation how wonderful and humble a personality Nadia is, and how much she really appreciates her career success and the fans who have supported her, and it’s incredible to watch what the next decade of stardom holds for her..Enjoy Kade Nation!!