Tonight is the premiere of one of the most unique reality shows to come along in a long time, AMC’s “FreakShow”.  The show follow Grammy winning producer Todd Ray’s quirky family business in Venice Beach, where after leaving the music business, he fulfilled his dream of bringing together the bizarre and quirky.  The show will follow him and his family as they bring in some of the coolest and strangest entities imaginable while also running a successful “FreakShow” business.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with Todd Ray and his family in NYC to talk about his super fun new show (I screened it and LOVED it), what it’s like running the Venice Beach FreakShow, some of the stranger things to expect in the show’s first season, why he left the music business, and soo much more!  What better way to spend Valentine’s Day then with Todd Ray, his family, and his unique friends.