Lawson is the UK’s hottest act right now, and are prepared to take that same popularity, and translate it to the US. Lawson are Andy Brown, Adam Pitts, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher. Their gold-selling debut album, Chapman Square was released in 2012, and now their single “BrokenHearted” ft. B.O.B. is at the top of the charts, and with the release of their new singles in the US and UK, and their first soldout US tour underway, Lawson just continues to blow up!

Here “The Lab NYC’s” Arthur Kade had the crazy hot “Lawson” #InTheLab right before their sold out show at Gramercy Theatre in NYC to talk about their first US tour, translating their success overseas to the US, working with one of hip hop’s hottest names in B.O.B., and so much more!