Civil Twilight is one of the hottest bands in music right now!  After a killer appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, they have been on a sold out tour promoting their new album “Holy Weather”.  Civil Twilight brings a perfect blend of atmospheric sound and hazy storytelling that transports you to another place. Although Steven McKellar, his brother Andrew and Richard Wouters hail from South Africa, their sound is incredibly epic and their powerful song “Letters From The Sky” has provided the soundtrack to your every waking moment since its release. Written as an abstract concept by three lifelong friends, the song, along with their debut self-titled album, takes you to a time where it’s not quite daylight and not quite darkness.  Civil Twilight provides a safe haven in their vast musical desert for you to seek refuge. Steven’s vocals come forth in an eerie falsetto that can only be described as a crosspollination of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. Richard’s drums are pounding reminders that the drummer always bestows the missing piece of the musical puzzle while Andrew’s guitar is the perfect complement that rounds out Civil Twilight’s lush soundscape, haunting yet soothing at the same time.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the guys from Civil Twilight to talk about their rise to stardom from Cape Town, South Africa, their new album and tour, and of course all things Jimmy Kimmel…Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is Civil Twilight killing it on Kimmel right before sitting down with me in NYC