In the 1990’s, there was no music artist bigger then Wilson Phillips!  Their self-titled debut album sold more then 10 million copies, scoring 3 Number 1 singles, being nominated for 4 Grammys and countless other awards, and they were music’s ruling female “Super Group” compromised of 3 children of prominent musicians, but then despite all of that success and another successful album with “Shadows And Light”, the group made up of Chynna Phillips (Daughter of John and Michelle Phillips of “The Mamas and Papas”) and Wendy and Carnie Wilson (Daughters of Brian Wilson Of “The Beach Boys”) decided to go their separate ways and pursue solo careers/projects (Chynna Phillips was a contestant on Season 13 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, and explained that “Hold On” was written by her and band mates Carnie and Wendy Wilson about her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction).  Well, after a 20 year hiatus and a now legendary cameo in the comedy of 2011, “Bridesmaids”, that as Wendy said “Put us back on the map”, Wilson Phillips has decided to officially reunite, and they are back with a vengeance with a new hit album called “Dedicated” that features covers of the hit songs from The Mamas And Papas and The Beach Boys to honor their parents, they have a reality show “Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On”, that debuted this past Sunday on the TV Guide Network to rave reviews and great ratings, and have hit the talk show circuit in a big way with incredible appearances over the last week on The Today Show, The View, CBS This Morning, and much more!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down for an intimate and fun interview in NYC with the iconic three ladies of one of the all time best all-female groups, Wilson Phillips, to talk about their incredible comeback, the new album “Dedicated”, why they decided to cover many of their parent’s hit songs now, what to expect on the new Reality Show on the TV Guide Network, Chynna’s heavy religious beliefs, my boyhood crush on the band, and sooo much more!!!  Wilson Phillips has created timeless music for a generation, and it is wonderful to see them putting their talents back together to create more of it and returning to the top of the music and TV charts!  On a personal note, I have to share that Wendy, Chynna, and Carnie, were absolute sweethearts, and couldn’t have been nicer, more fun to interview, and more accommodating to the endless throng of fans that were waiting to greet them before and after our interview.

And here are their interviews and performances on The View and The Today Show!!

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