This post originally appeared on The Lab NYC

Sean Garrett is one of music’s most prolific hit makers. With 18 #1 singles and 40 Top 10’s under his belt, Sean Garrett is arguably the best young music hitmaker in the industry. His first chart topper, “Yeah” with superstar Usher, tore through the airwaves in January 2004, hit #1 in 42 different countries, and helped push the Confessions album to Diamond. Demand for “The Pen’s” Platinum results skyrocketed, spawning hits like “Goodies” for Ciara; “Run It” and “Wall To Wall” for Chris Brown; “Soldier” and “Lose My Breath” for Destiny’s Child; and even “London Bridges” for B.E.P.’s own pop Dutchess, Fergie; to name a few. “These are the legends of our generation,” he says matter-of-factly.

As if the endorsement of the biggest rapper in the world isn’t convincing enough (Being nicknamed “The Pen” by Jay-Z himself solidifies the power of Garrett’s pen and pad), Sean can also claim a co-sign from Jay-Z’s better half with their collaborations on “Check Up On It,” “Diva,” “Video Phone,” “Ring The Alarm,” “Upgrade You,” and “Get Me Bodied”. “Beyoncé is the biggest artist of our time,” he says with obvious admiration. “It’s an honor to be a part of her success”.

With his pen game certified over the last several years working with other artists, Sean is ready to focus on himself again. He’s been warming up with features on songs he also wrote and produced, such as Mario’s “Break Up”; Enrique Iglesias “Away”; Ludacris “What Them Girl’s Like”; and most recently Nikki Minaj’s debut solo single “Massive Attack”. Sean has now inked a deal with Columbia Records to release his new single “Feel Love” featuring J. Cole, a heartfelt jam with a universal message. “Not to sound corny but I think some people have been disoriented. Some guys feel like they’re so tough they can’t feel love,” he says shaking his head. “Who can’t feel love?”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats InTheLab with one of music’s biggest hitmakers Sean “The Pen” Garrett to talk about his incredible success behind and in front of the mic, the incredible array of artists that he has worked with and made hits with, the mindset that makes artists the stars that they are, the new artists that he’s working with, his new single coming out with Future and Trey Songz called Twilight Zone, and so much more! Sean is such an impressive young man, and it is easy to see in this interview why he has become one of music’s most powerful forces.