Dee Snider is nothing short of a “Renaissance Man”.  One of the greatest lead singers in Heavy Metal history.  Reality Star.  Radio Talk Show Host. Rebel.  And now he can add Bestselling Author to his extensive resume, because with the release of his incredible new memoir “Shut Up And Give Me The Mic”, Dee is giving the world an unabated, honest, and ultra raw look into the life of one of America’s most unique and beloved TV and Music legends.  There have been few transformations or career re-creations as distinct as Dee Snider’s, where as one of the pioneers and most popular faces of Heavy Metal Glam Rock (As the lead singer of Twisted Sister), he and Frank Zappa became the target of Tipper Gore and the PMRC and were made into the symbol of everything that is bad about music and it’s impact on society, but then went on to become one of America’s most popular Radio Hosts, Reality Stars in shows like “Growing Up Twisted”, “Celebrity Wife Swap”, and “Celebrity Appearance”, Appeared in various movies including “Private Parts” and “Strangeland”, and even a Broadway Star in the smash hit “Rock Of Ages”.  He has even now released a new CD called “Dee Does Broadway” with him remaking some of Broadway’s greatest songs, which for most artists in Rock would be career suicide, but with Dee it comes off as potential genius.  There really is no one like Dee Snider, and when you see his unflinching love for his wonderful wife Suzette, you will realize why he has become such a beloved public figure.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the phenomenon that is Dee Snider for an ultra fun and ultra candid interview about his new memoir “Shut Up And Give Me The Mic”, the wonderful support that Suzette that has given the rock star throughout the years, his transformation from Rebel to Public hero, the war that Tipper Gore and the PMRC waged on him, how he never cheated, did drugs, or drank like his Rock counterparts, how the power of positive thinking as inspired him, we sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and sooo much more!!  There are few better interviews that one can ever do then Dee Snider, and as expected he made this one an absolute blast and couldn’t have been a nicer guy to meet and hang out with.  Plus his impressions of Gene Simmons of KISS, and some of his hilarious stories over the years were absolute GOLD.  What a pleasure this was, and if you don’t buy “Shut Up And Give Me The Mic!”, you are missing out BIG TIME Kade Nation!!

And here is the awesome new music video for “Mack The Knife” from Dee’s new album!