Getting A Private Guitar Lesson From One Of My New “Friends” Stanley Jordan (Four-Time Grammy Nominee)

Stanley Jordan, simply put, is considered by many to be the best jazz guitarist in the world.  He has four Grammy Nominations, has played with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Carter, Prince, Quincy Jones, Michael Urbaniak, and Richie Cole, and is best known for his development of the “Tapping” technique on the guitar, and in many ways is considered one of the most pioneering and genius musicians of our generation.  To be able to sit with him, and not only talk to him about his unique ans storied talent was just an honor, as well as talking about his newest album “Friends”, which was just nominated for a NAACP Award, and has received widespread critical acclaim across the board, where he plays with some of the greatest jazz musicians of our time, and it is nothing short of genius. 

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with a music genius right after his completely sold out show at NYC’s famed Iridium (This is perhaps the most famous jazz hall in America where the great Les Paul played every week) for an intimate look at the talents and career of one of America’s most talented musicians, and we talk about his newest album, jamming with Prince, the one artist he would love to work with, the “Tapping” technique, and he even gives me a special tutorial/performance showing me what makes Stanley Jordan, Stanley Jordan..Enjoy Kade Nation!!