When Entertainment Weekly writes about your debut solo album “The best pop album you probably haven’t discovered yet”, then you have a pretty bright future ahead.  That’s the reality for up and coming music star Chris Wallace, who has been compared to to a male Katy Perry and The Wanted, and who just came off tour with one of music’s hottest names Andy Grammer.  Rising singer, songwriter, pop star CHRIS WALLACE is quickly establishing himself as a powerful force in pop music with his debut solo album PUSH REWIND, out now on indie ThinkSay Records.  iTunes has also affirmed massive support of WALLACE with the album featured this week on the “What’s Hot” list, housed on the store’s homepage, and prominently on the front Pop page.

Success for the ex-frontman of the rock/pop/electronica band WHITE TIE AFFAIR is propelled by the debut single “Remember When (Push Rewind)” spinning nationwide on over 75 radio stations and climbing the Top 40 pop charts,  where it’s currently #36 and growing. The music video for the infectious, upbeat, propulsive dance hit has been viewed over 400,000 times and follows CHRIS as he goes back in time to repair an off-course relationship.

CHRIS explains the inspiration behind the track: “I was dating this girl when I was in my band who I really thought was the one. But as my musical career started taking off, it became clear that we were in different places and we eventually broke up. ’Remember When’ talks about that time when all you really want to do is go back, push rewind, and start all over again.”

WALLACE’s relatable and sincere lyrics have struck a chord with pop music fans. The album is currently #39 on the iTunes Pop Albums chart and single is #82 on the Pop Singles chart both climbing steadily as his Facebook and Twitter following has sky rocketed in the past six weeks, over 30,000 and 52,000 respectively.

Mainstream media praise also began rolling in immediately. Entertainment Weekly took notice early on, comparing WALLACE to The Wanted, noting “Remember When (Push Rewind)” has “punchy pop sheen” (8/7/12) while MTV Buzzworthy wrote that the new music is “slickly infectious and undeniably danceable” (6/18/12). Beyond the rave reviews that have been posted by customers–the majority 5 out of 5 stars–the iTunes staff also had high marks for Push Rewind calling it “the sort of pristine pop album that most musicians can only make after placing in the top five of ‘American Idol’ and going on to say WALLACE “can sing high and loud with laser-like precision, a la Freddy Mercury…Like the best tunesmiths, Wallace understands that not every song can radiate sunshine.”

Here is my sit down interview with the rising superstar, and a an amazing acoustic performance!!

Chris Wallace Acoustic Performance:

Here is Chris Wallace TEARING IT UP on VH1 Big Buzz Morning right after me!