Here are some very up and coming young names in music that are about to become household names (In no particular order)….

1) Benny Marchant-“Conversations Missed,” the haunting EP by electric troubadour Benny Marchant, is the sound of a hopeful heart that’s bruised but still beating. Painting the stages of love and loss, Benny’s emotional alternative folk-rock, sweetened with pedal steel, a horn section and his own delicate guitar, is his coming of age as a solo artist. Los Angeles Magazine agrees, calling him “A cross between Tom Petty and Pearl Jam (no, really),” and adding, “Marchant’s sound mixes acoustic and electric guitar and is catchy and upbeat—and with lyrics like “I don’t want to dream tonight about conversations missed/gonna hold on to the light,” his songs are both touching and relatable.” The 5-track EP was produced by Joe Chiccarelli (Radiohead, White Stripes, My Morning Jacket, The Shins) and recorded with band mates Walker Gibson (keys/guitar/vocals), Hubie Wang (electric guitar), Spencer Wright (bass) and Steve Robinson (drums).

2) Simon Oscroft Of Midnight Youth-Midnight Youth Is New Zealand’s hottest band!  With a platinum selling debut record and a chart-topping follow-up, a world tour seems like an appropriate measure for New Zealand’s premier rock group, Midnight Youth.  With their hit single “World Comes Calling” in tow, the band will be hitting the sunny shores of California this spring for a string of dates including performances at the legendary Viper Room and an appearance at The 8th Annual MUSEXPO Los Angeles, a highly respected music festival that has helped launch the careers of Katy Perry and LMFAO.

In October of 2011, Midnight Youth released the follow up to their debut platinum album “The Brave Don’t Run.” The sophomore offering, World Comes Calling endeavours to capture all the enthusiasm and energy the group exhibits on stage. The album debuted at #4 on the NZ National Charts as well as being the #1 Rock album in the country. The singles World Comes Calling and Who Said You’re Free were well received by Rock radio stations across the country.

Midnight Youth has sold over 60,000 records and singles worldwide with no plans to slow down. They have done countless TV appearances in New Zealand, received 8 nominations at the New Zealand Music awards and in 2009 were awarded Best Rock Act, Best Group and Best Engineered Recording.

3) Adam Tyler-When it comes to emerging male pop stars, you really can’t find a brighter supernova in-the-making than Missouri native – Adam Tyler.  Having attended Berklee School of Music in Boston couldn’t even teach Adam the lessons he needed to become the next Robbie Williams.  The struggle to be a household name in pop like N’Sync or Britney Spears seemed like a fading dream and Adam Tyler quickly found himself being the musical outsider.  After a move to Los Angeles, Adam immersed himself into crafting a solo pop career and his first demo album “Lullabies For Rattlesnakes” garnered himself a loyal group of fans hungry for an official release.  Soon after, Adam delivered his debut music video for the electro-pop track “Friction” which quickly caught the attention of many leading international pop music blogs.  It was this online buzz for Adam Tyler that saw the quick the formation of street teams overnight, not only in America, but in countries like the UK, Germany, Brazil and Sweden.  Adam Tyler’s debut album “Shattered Ice” is a glorious definition of what pop music truly is all about today.  The album brings together a community of vibrant and diverse pop loving fans from around the globe who understand that pop will never be passé and will always remain a provocative and emotive genre as a true sign of the times.

4) Brennan Dylan-While sewing the seams between electronic music and intricate, precise guitar technicality, Brennan Dylan is set to take the guitar world by storm with his sophomore release, Broken Glass releasing on April 17th.  Some consider Brennan’s guitar playing to be a combination of Randy Rhoades meets Jeff Beck, but on this record its more Yngwie Malmsteen meets SBTRKT. Brennan combines infectious electronic beats with guitar solos that truly reflect the more than six hours each day that Brennan spends perfecting his craft. Here’s what people have been saying about Brennan:

“Brennan Dylan, a guitar virtuoso and DIY artist from Los Angeles, has effectively bridged the gap between rock and electronic music to create a new and inventive sound. Inspired by classic rock such as AC/DC and Van Halen, Dylan weaves complex guitar riffs with synths influenced by Deadmau5 and Skrillex.” -Performer Magazine

“Dylan demonstrates his ability to cross genres and ignore musical boundaries. From studying swing and classical (as well as playing the saxophone) to studying Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Motley Crue; you get an idea of just how vast Dylan’s repertoire is.” –

“Make no bones about it Brennan is a very capable Electronica composer. The musical textures are compelling and full of variety. I see Brennan as a budding Beck or Trent Reznor. I give Dylan high marks for taking this on as a musical visionary and for trying to merge some amazing genres.” –

“Brennan successfully merges his thrilling fret work with a tapestry of techno/industrial music equal to anything playing in a German or French rave club. Brennan is not only brilliant, but convincing.” –

5) XELLE-It’s 2012 and long overdue for someone to smack Pop Music across the face and tell her to pull herself together.  Luckily for America, the ferociously talented and good hearted divas from XELLE (pronounced ex-ELLE) have stepped up to the plate by serving up a healthy dose of glitz, glamour and vocals that could rival pop icons past and present.  Their passion for great music aside, the group is adamant in their campaign to dispel the rumors that you must conform to a specific mold to achieve your dreams – whether it’s your size, age, sexual orientation or even your penchant for gender-bending.  As the first music group to consist of two girls and a drag queen (Mimi Imfurst of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’), they really represent girl power for a new generation with “something extra.”

Even though the concept may sound like a novelty, their music and message are anything but.  The music video for their first single – last year’s catchy dance/pop sleeper hit Party Girl – reached a whopping 330,000 YouTube views and XELLE has since racked up 1,200 Facebook Fans, 5,300 Twitter followers and an appearance on Oxygen’s ‘Jersey Couture.’ Proceeds from the latest empowering single Invincible will benefit GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) – an organization for students, parents and teachers striving for positive change in schools nationwide – and fans can expect their debut full length release later this year.

6) Capelle-After their first voyage to America resulted in a full-length documentary exploring the triumphs and turmoil a foreign band finds while driving across country, Capelle is ready for round two with a string of tour dates across New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles this spring.  The band, fronted by Australian born Nic Capelle, will also release their newest single “Louder” on March 13, 2012 in the US. The bands’ newest record Crooked Deluxe is due for a US release in the late spring. Here’s what people are saying about the record:

“Capelle are almost breaking the social norms of music with drums recorded in an industrial estate stairwell…one thing is for sure and that’s that Capelle can make a damn good rock tune.” –

“…visceral funk sensibility embodied in stomping bass lines and rhythmic guitars, a little RHCP and a little Lenny Kravitz, with an overlaying rock credo dominating these tracks; a subtle sense of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.” –AAA Music