Few bands on this planet unleash a fury like Machine Head when they play live. Credit for much of the band’s trademark sound must given to drummer Dave McClain. One of the premier drummers in metal today, I got a chance to sit down with Dave to talk about the band’s latest triumph, Unto The Locust. With their latest record and its predecessor, The Blackening, Machine Head have separated themselves from the pack. Dave and I talked about the band’s progress over the last two records and how they have evolved. The Blackening was a pure statement. One of the best metal records of the decade, it set a new bar for the band. They followed it up with 2011’s Unto The Locust, which is out now on Roadrunner Records. McClain is absolutely relentless, both on the record and live, taking Machine Head’s rhythm section to new levels. Machine Head is back on their first U.S. headlining tour in a long time. Dave also gave me the info on the band’s tour plans for the rest of the year, including their just-announced appearance at Download Festival 2012 alongside MetallicaBlack SabbathThe ProdigySoundgardenAnthrax, MegadethLamb of GodAs I Lay DyingTrivium, and so many more. Machine Head are playing the main stage on the festival’s opening night. On their current tour, Machine Head plays a blistering 2-hour set that is pure mayhem. Get your tickets now, ’cause you’ve really never seen it cranked up like this.