Arthur Kade To Party With The Black Eyed Peas And Film NIKE Commercial

It’s amazing when I can be in the VIP area for one of their concerts and have Fergie see “Philadelphia’s biggest celebrity” grooving away as

August 05, 2010 Celebrities, TV

Unretirement For Philadelphia Fashion Week

While watching Sportscenter before heading to Kade’s Corner at Cosi to do some crazy work on the TV Shows that I am developing (One of

August 03, 2010 Celebrities, TV

Moving Time (Good Bye Chateau Kade)

The Brand is on the move again, so as he moves into his new amazing digs (I will unveil them shortly, and there will be

August 02, 2010 Celebrities

Arthur Kade Auditions For “My Life As Liz” At MTV

As mentioned in yesterday’s amazing blog, I was heading to MTV Networks Headquarters (I forgot how cool their offices are) in NYC for an audition

July 30, 2010 TV

The Famous “Arthur Kade Painting” Featured On Philebrity

“Like all great emperors before him, Arthur Kade must be captured by premier painters and sculptors of his era”…Arthur Kade…07/29/10

July 29, 2010 Celebrities

“Kade Styling” With “Gonzo” From “The Fanatic” On 97.5 FM

While making an amazing celeb appearance at a Charity event for Autistic Kids at Saks Fifth Avenue (I was telling one of The Entourage, “This

July 28, 2010 Celebrities

Someone Needs To Make An Arthur Kade Video Like This!!!

The Brand rarely posts outside videos from Gen Poppers, but this one is just amazing!!! I want Kade Nation to tell me which one they

July 28, 2010 Celebrities

Kadedrina Reunites

With so many popular male/female nicknames out there for tandems of celebrities that are major players in “The Biz” like Brangelina, Zaquisha, and Dashton, I

July 26, 2010 Celebrities

Bethenny Frankel (The Real HouseWives Of NYC) Goes “Kade Style”

Frankel who I actually think is a very talented and charming TV Personality and author (I have to admit that Arthur like watching the The

July 23, 2010 Authors, Celebrities, TV

The Brand And Bonaduce Dominate Delilah’s “Diamond G String Awards”

Most Gen Poppers dream of experiencing field level seats at The Super Bowl, and although as an almost “A or B List Celeb”, that is

July 22, 2010 Authors, Celebrities, TV
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