The Fall Of Mel Gibson

While working on a pivotal scene of “Curb” (This is what we Crafters who filmed on Curb Your Enthusaism call it so that it’s easy

July 12, 2010 Celebrities, TV

“Ask A DoucheBag” On Gawker TV

Another amazing “Ask A Douchebag” by Arthur Kade: plus

July 09, 2010 Celebrities

Kurb Your Enthusiasm (GawKade Covers Arthur Kade’s Interview Of Alex McCord Of “The Real Housewives Of NYC”)

As always, here is the link to my personal celebrity tabloid, Gawker, covering my amazing Balls Ass Interview with fellow reality star, Alex McCord from

July 07, 2010 Reality TV

A Star Studded IndeKadence Weekend

One of my fave peers, Tupac, always said to enjoy “The Journey” on the way up while you’re still just about to “Blow Up” (This

July 05, 2010 Celebrities, TV

“Ask A Douchebag” On GawKade TV (Top Salon Artist Draws Painting Of Arthur Kade For An Art Show)

This week’s Video is absolutely classic (Please Leave More Questions): and how Balls Ass is this painting??? Philly’s hottest underground art movement, The Philadelphia

July 02, 2010 Celebrities

Kade Nation Fan Call

“The Brand is so Kadetorious sometimes”…Arthur Kade&#

July 01, 2010 Celebrities

The Last KadeBender Premieres

One of the true amazing joys as an actor is finally seeing the amazing product that you poured so much blood, sweat, and tears into

June 30, 2010 Celebrities, TV

Life Imitates Art

There is an amazing saying of “Life imitating Art”, and for the last 1.264432 years of “The Journey”, whenever The Brand would watch Entourage (Which

June 28, 2010 TV

Ask Arthur-”A Period At The End Of Sextence” (A New “Ask A Douchebag On Gawkade TV)

“Never bet on the Red Wings”…Arthur Kade…06/25/10 Here is the link to “Ask A Douchebag” on Gawker TV: and some highlights

June 25, 2010 Celebrities

Kadey’s Angels (Alessandra Ambrosio And Arthur Kade Celebrate Dusk’s 1st Year Anniversary)

When you’re one of the hottest and most amazing clubs in Kademerica, how else do you celebrate an amazing first Birthday than by having celebrity

June 21, 2010 Authors, Celebrities, TV
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