The Brand Featured In Jezebel And Inside Vandy (The Vanderbilt Hustler)

The Brand is on his way to NYC for an audition for “The Journey” and then ridic back stage at a HUGE event before it’s

April 01, 2010 Celebrities

My Suite In NYC Tonight

The Brand is in NYC for a meeting and then dinner at Abe And Arthur’s, then out and about with beautiful tail… Check out my

March 30, 2010 Celebrities

The Brand Interviewed By Southern Kadestralia’s Number 1 FM Radio Show (The Rabbit, Amber, And Cosi Show On SAFM)

After The Brand completed his Advanced Theater Class (This was truly one of the most enjoyable classes Arthur Kade has ever experienced because the class

March 30, 2010 Celebrities, TV

He Came, He Saw, He “Kade Styled”

As I am sitting in the amazing start of “The Journey”, Kade’s Corner at Cosi (This place will go down as a historical landmark one

March 29, 2010 Celebrities, TV

OchoCinco Meets The Brand (GawKade Covers The Brand’s Kadetstralian Interview With “The Queen Of Australian Television”, Kerri Anne Kennerley)

When Arthur Kade does Mainstream Interviews For The Gen Pop on other continents, his personal celeb tabloid and one of the most influential and respected

March 25, 2010 Authors, Celebrities, TV

The Kade Angeles TakeOver Begins

While enjoying an amazing and memorable evening at AC Mega-Club, Dusk (I ended up with a Philly 9.85 in my room sleeping over who left

March 22, 2010 Authors, Celebrities, TV

Pimp My Tee (Audition For “You Can’t Have It All”)

The Brand is designing a special Balls Ass Hot Shirt for his much publicized and history making TV Interview with Kerri-Anne Kennerley, “The Queen Of

March 18, 2010 Celebrities

Philadelphia Magazine Writes Up What The Brand Will Be Doing For St. Patrick’s Day

When you’re the amazing “Face” of a city, “Philadelphia’s Favorite Son”, and the most important International export to come out of Philadelphia since a boxer

March 17, 2010 Celebrities

“Dry Run” Of “Dan From Closer” For Advanced Theater Class

As I am on the Bolt Bus heading up to NYC for an audition for a pilot and a meeting before heading down to the

March 16, 2010 Celebrities
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