Off To Kade Angeles And The New Blog Is Almost Done

Hello Kade Nation, and sorry I have been so distant, but I have been slaving away on preparing for my meetings in Kade Angeles this

March 01, 2011 TV

I Want To Transform People-The New Blog

Between the dozen emails, multiple texts/phone calls, and various people through out the weekend asking me what this big announcement was going to be (Everyone

February 22, 2011 Blog

Back To Kade Angeles And A Huge Announcement Coming

So it looks like I will be heading to KA again in the next few weeks. I am waiting for confirmation from my agent, but

February 18, 2011 TV

Patience Is A Virtue

Among the many lessons that “The Journey” has instilled into me over the last 2 years, one of the most important lessons has been, “Focus

February 10, 2011 TV

The Theory Of Happiness

As I was attending the Private Black Tie Gala Opening For the Philadelphia Car Show on Friday night, several people came up to me and

February 02, 2011 Celebrities

What Is Your Defining Moment?

As I was watching Barack Obama last night (Although I think his first two years have been absolute disaster, he is one of the truly

January 26, 2011 TV

The Power Of Love

As I write this blog, I am sitting in the exit row of a plane heading home from KA, and smushed between 2 people from

January 20, 2011 TV

The Inspiration Of Brilliance

One of my favorite actors in “The Biz” is Jeff Bridges (Crazy Horse is one of my fave movies of the last decade), so when

January 15, 2011 TV

Hello….Kade Angeles!!!

January 12, 2011 TV

A New TV Show Concept Is Shot

When I was in KA last time, I pitched a show concept (Can’t give it away or talk about it) to a major production house

January 10, 2011 TV
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