Saving Lives Doing “A Good Job” For HBO With Steve Buscemi, Liz Garbus And FDNY Commisioner Daniel A. Nigro

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade was on the red carpet of the premiere of HBO Documentary’s “A Good Job” produced by Steve Buscemi and Liz Garbus. 

September 10, 2014 Actors, Politicians, TV

Experiencing “Catfish” In Real Life With MTV’s Nev Schulman

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade sat down with MTV’s “Catfish” star Nev Schulman to talk about his new book “In Real Life”, the success of the

September 10, 2014 Authors, Celebrities, Reality TV

Ending HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” With Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Michael K. Williams, Vincent Piazza, Gretchen Mol, Questlove, Bernard Hopkins And More

#InTheLab With Arthur Kade was on the red carpet of the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire where we spoke with Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco,

September 05, 2014 Actors, Athletes, Celebrities, TV

Remembering Robin Williams With Howie Mandel At “America’s Got Talent” Post Show

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade  caught up with “America’s Got Talent” Judge Howie Mandel about his toughest decision yet and remembers the late great Robin Williams

August 25, 2014 Comedians, Reality TV

Joining “The Expendables 3″ With Sylvester Stallone, DuJour Magazine’s Jason Binn And Bravo’s Ericka Pittman

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade was at NYC hot spot Provocateur to celebrate DuJour Magazine’s Summer Issue. where we chatted w/ Sylvester Stallone about gracing the

August 20, 2014 Actors, Celebrities, Reality TV

Meeting “The One I Love” With Golden Globe Winner Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass And Charlie McDowell

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade was on the red carpet at the NYC premiere of “The One I Love” where we spoke with Golden Globe winner

August 11, 2014 Actors, TV

Taking The “DeepSea Challenge 3D” With James Cameron, Morgan Spurlock, Bryant Gumbel, Stephen Lang And More

#InTheLab With Arthur Kade was on the red carpet of the premiere of James Cameron’s “DeepSea Challenge 3D” where we spoke with the iconic filmmaker

August 06, 2014 Actors, Authors, Celebrities, TV

Getting Ready For “Outlander” With Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobia Menzies, Diana Gabaldon And Ronald D. Moore

#InTheLab With Arthur Kade was on the red carpet of the NY premiere of STARZ’s highly anticipated new series “Outlander” with stars Sam Heughan, Caitriona

August 06, 2014 Actors, Authors, TV

Meeting A “Child Of God” With James Franco, Scott Haze, Bernadette Peters, Constantine Maroulis And More

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade was on the red carpet for the premiere of “Child Of God” where we spoke with writer/director James Franco, Scott Haze,

August 01, 2014 Actors, Authors, Celebrities

Learning How “To Be Takei” With George Takei And Jennifer Kroot

#InTheLab with Arthur Kade was on the red carpet of the NYC premiere of “To Be Takei” aboard the Queen Mary 2 where we spoke

July 31, 2014 Actors, Authors, Celebrities, TV
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