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Sitting Down With A Renaissance Man: My Interview With “The Governor Of The Heart Of Texas” Kinky Friedman

Kinky Friedman is Texas’ answer to Mark Twain.  A master of all trades, Kinky is a Texas Country singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician, and former

June 18, 2012 Politicians

Living “Life Among The Cannibals” With A Political Icon: My Interview With Senator Arlen Specter

Senator Arlen Specter is one of the most compelling political figures of our lifetime.  He is PA’s longest tenured Senator in history,  and during a

June 04, 2012 Authors, Comedians, Politicians

Dining In The White House As A “Guest Of Honor” With Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis writes about history. She does a wonderful job of letting us into an event or a period of time to show us not

June 03, 2012 Authors, Politicians

Diving Into “The Righteous Mind” Of Politics And Religion With Bestselling Author Jonathan Haidt

Jon Haidt is one of America’s brightest minds in the world of Social Psychology, now a full time tenured professor at NYU, but before that

May 28, 2012 Politicians

Trying To Diffuse “The Debt Bomb” With Republican Senator Tom Coburn Of Oklahoma

Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn is one of the most outspoken and effective people currently serving in Congress, and has established himself as the Senate’s top

May 20, 2012 Politicians

Learning “How To Sharpen Pencils” With Famed Political Cartoonist Turned Artisanal Pencil Sharpener David Rees

David Rees is regarded as one of the most popular and funniest cartoonists of our era, with his popular left wing comic series “Get Your

April 29, 2012 Authors, Comedians, Politicians

Entering The World Of “Gods, Gangsters, And Honour” With Steven Machat

Entertainment can be a very dirty world filled with drug abuse, corruption, and scandal, and few people have experienced that world more closely then Steven

April 25, 2012 Authors, Celebrities, Music, Politicians

Learning About The “Enemies Of The State” With Pultizer Prize Winning Journalist Tim Weiner (Winner Of The National Book Award For Non-Fiction)

No one has ever written a more comprehensive and detailed look into the CIA then Pulitzer Prize Winner and former NY Times Reporter Tim Weiner,

April 19, 2012 Authors, Politicians, TV

Visiting “Modern New York” With Greg David (Columnist/Former Editor “Crain’s New York Business”)

In the most uncertain of economic environments, it is great to be able to sit down with one of NYC’s brightest voices.  Greg David writes

April 14, 2012 Authors, Politicians, TV

Running For President With Governor Gary Johnson Of New Mexico (Libertarian Presidential Candidate 2012)

For those Americans looking for an option outside of the Republican and Democratic Party for our next President, then Governor Gary Johnson is your man!

April 05, 2012 Politicians
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