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Finiding “Pakistan On The Brink” With Renowned Journalist/#1 NY Times Bestselling Author Ahmed Rashid (Appearing On “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” And “Rachel Maddow Show” On 03/28)

There is no more plugged in or respected voice when it comes to what’s happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia, then Ahmed Rashid.  He

March 27, 2012 Authors, Politicians, TV

Diving Into “Space Chronicles” With Neil deGrasse Tyson

When you think of the word “AstroPhysicist”, what comes to mind?  Whatever that image is, I can absolutely tell you that Neil deGrasse Tyson is

March 08, 2012 Authors, Politicians, TV

Becoming A “Panther Baby” With Oscar Nominee Jamal Joseph (Former Chair Of Columbia University’s Film Division)

When you talk about a made for Hollywood story about redemption and the power of belief and faith, there are few that can match the

March 04, 2012 Authors, Politicians

Finding Out “We’re With Nobody” With Alan Huffman (Bestselling Author And Journalist)

Have you ever wondered about the inside story of what you think about the political candidates you see every day? Their dirty little secrets?  Well,

March 02, 2012 Politicians, TV
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