She is the star and most popular personality (Her twitter followers almost double any of the other personalities) of VH1’s Number 1 rated show, “Basketball Wives”, which is in the process of concluding it’s 3rd super successful season!  She is engaged to one of the most unique personalities and greatest marketing/entertainment minds that has ever put on an NFL uniform, Chad Ochocinco, not to mention that he is a perennial All Pro who just got traded to play with arguably the greatest quarterback of our generation in Tom Brady and will probably end up a Hall Of Famer.  She is a tremendously successful entrepreneur who owns an ultra chic shoe store in beautiful Coral Gables, FL called Dulce (Linked Here because they carry many unique lines that she has exclusivity on, and that you will not find in any other department store), and is in the process of expanding to new locations in other cities, while also managing a successful online store through her Website,, where she has trademarked many of her brilliant sayings on the show (The greatest one is something I have her do in the video below, which I think every girl who I have brought up this interview to has said to me!), and she is even a published author with a book being released called “The Wives Association” which will be a Non-Fiction book that is loosely based on her life in the same vein of what Lauren Conrad did with “L.A. Candy” which will be obviously be a HUGE hit because of how large and devoted her fan base is to her (I already had 6 girlfriends call me when I put our picture on Facebook and tell me they can’t wait to see this interview because they LOVE Evelyn).  And the best part of it all is that she is doing this all while raising a young daughter, and being the best mother she can be while allegedly being courted to be a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”!

When I tell you that Evelyn is one of the most beautiful women that I ever have met in my life (One of the girls asked, “How does she look up close because she’s very hot on TV?”, and I replied “Honestly..She’s absolutely flawless.  I would marry her tomorrow on looks alone” and I told Evelyn as we were leaving “Chad’s a really lucky guy!”), and although her reputation on the show is the Latina tough (She is a Puerto Rican from the Bronx baby!) and sometimes abrasive one, she couldn’t have been sweeter, cooler, and just plain old awesome in the afternoon we spent together today.  She reminds me so much of how Drita D’avanzo  from VH1’s Mob Wives who Kade Nation will rememeber I interviewed comes off on TV, but then you meet her and she is the coolest and most honest chick around (She didn’t even blink half way through the interview when I said her last name as “Lavanzo” which rhymes with “D’Avanzo” because we were talking about comparisons with Drita, and my mind bumbled it :) which we laughed about afterwards), and Evelyn has done a great job of showing that side of herself in Season 3 in dealing with the abandonment issues stemming from her father not being there during childhood to exposing the intimate relationship she has with Chad Ochocinco while raising a young daughter, and so much more..I was a fan before, but I am a Mega-Fan of Evelyn Lozada now!

Here, “The King Of Kamelot” sits down for an intimate interview at one of my favorite restaurants in SoHo, NYC, Cafe Falai on Lafayette (If you haven’t eaten here then you need to head over because it’s so chic and delicious Italian Food!), with a gorgeous and talented woman, where we discuss her unbelievable popularity on “Basketball Wives”, what it’s like being engaged to Chad Ochocinco (He plays “Black Ops” in a special chair!), her being a shoe nut and owning such a high profile store, what it’s like to date a Latina chick, the famous line she dropped on the Season 2 Finale at Tami Roman (Kenny Anderson’s Ex) as well as the status of their current relationship, and whether or not I have a chance of stealing her from #87…Great interview so enjoy Kade Nation!!