Kenyatta Jones talks to The Lab’s Arthur Kade about the WE tv show, “House of Curves”. In the show we follow Kenyatta as she creates high fashion clothing for full figured women, through her line Bella Renea. Jones describes the dynamic of the show saying “It’s basically me following my dream, it’s my diary of me to the world.” Kenyatta also touches on the relationship she shares with her mother, Momma Renea, who is also the main investor of Bella Renea, saying “she’s my biggest critic.”

Kenyatta talks about the struggle to make it as a full figured woman in the fashion world. She points out that the key to success in breaking into fashion is confidence, at any size. Jones talks about acceptance of her line in the industry saying “I get to meet a lot of people that just don’t get it and say it’s not needed and you’ll see that” . Kenyatta says with 70 percent of U.S. Women being plus size, the market should adapt to fit the majority. But Jones is careful to point out the difficulty in plus size lines, saying the amount of fabric that is needed versus keeping fair price points is a challenge. She says “You have to want to be in this business to say “I’m going to keep the same price points”…we take a lot of hits as a fashion business, but we do it because we love it and because eventually it will all balance out”.

Kenyatta talks about women’s body image, saying “we see these magazines and it’s all these pictures of really unrealistic beauty, you know, people that we will never be”. Jones notes that this type of mentality can create self hate, which is the message she is trying to convey.
Kenyatta tells us about her fans saying that women are thankful that she is able to give them a voice. She says they are very gracious, which makes sharing her journey all the more worth it. Kenyatta also says that while she thinks reality t.v. Is a great platform for her career, fashion will always be what her main focus and passion is.

Kenyatta compares herself to some of her favorite designers, saying “we all have a format…I definitely like to look at the essential pieces that they have and kind of their esthetic and then I follow my own grid. Its like, this is great, but it’s not going to work for a plus size body, so I essentially have to rework it to make it fit a bigger body.” For more on Kenyatta Jones check out “House of Curves”, Thursdays at 10pm on WE tv.

Kenyatta Jones In The Lab With Arthur Kade