The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade welcomed Bravo’s Kathy Wakile from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Kathy touches on why the show is so successful, saying that people relate because of the family element which is brought to the show. Kathy says “Everyone has a family and we go through these things that every family goes through on one degree or another, and the fact that we really do love each other…those issues are real, they hurt, and they’re really, really strong, and there’s issues that need to be resolved.” Kathy also tells us how the dynamic of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” differs from other the other Housewives shows, saying that because the cast has such a history together, it creates for more issues and content that producers and audiences are unaware of.Kathy discusses becoming a brand saying “When I was first approached about the show they asked me what are you passionate about and I said I’m passionate about my husband, and my children, and the life that we live”. She says finding those special things in life which you identify with helps you to build your brand.Wakile also speaks about image consciousness, saying “If you worry about the outside shell so much you’re really losing what’s important, what’s going to sustain you in life, keep your heart strong…its the whole balance, if you love yourself, in your heart, than that’s what image you’re going to portray out there”. As far as drama goes, Kathy says you will not catch her being the one to fool around on her husband, saying “If you feel pressure to do those thing, then you need to check a few things.”Kathy talks about her daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumor, saying “it was the scariest time in my whole life”. She talks about being grateful that her daughter had a benign tumor, saying she feels a strong responsibility to give back. Wakile also talks about using her fame and social media following to do good. Kathy tells us how she envisions life after housewives down the road saying, “hopefully my kids will be settled in, whether they’re still in school, or it’s their careers, and my husband and I traveling the world.” Kathy also lets us in on the upcoming drama, telling us about staying in a haunted castle, on a vacation to Lake George, NY. For more on Kathy Wakile check out the new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Mondays, on Bravo at 8pm EDT.

Kathy Wakile In the Lab with @ArthurKade

Kathy Wakile with the cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on The Today Show