Has there ever been a more talked about, controversial, and unique reality show then MTV’s “Jersey Shore”?  When it first came out, millions of people tuned in to see the “Shock and Awe” tactics of what was happening in Seaside Heights with the 8 off the cuff personalities, but 6 seasons later, each of the cast has achieved mainstream fame and celebrity, and built brands that have helped make each one of them millions of dollars along the way.  One of the more fun and colorful characters from the beginning has been the hilarious and witty Ronnie Magro, who has helped propel the show to it’s worldwide popularity with his on again, off again, romance with Sammi “Sweetheart”, and bonding with his castmates through “GTL” and “Fist Pumping”, and all the other fun antics that they they have gotten into. Ronnie has appeared with his cast mates on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Wendy Williams Show and Live with Regis and Kelly, and even 2012’s blockbuster hit “The Three Stooges”, while achieving ratings history for MTV, and as they enter perhaps the final season of “Jersey Shore” this summer, it will be fun to see all of their next steps after making TV History, but one thing is for sure, millions of people will miss life with the “Jersey Shore”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the ultra fun and witty Ronnie Magro of “Jersey Shore” in NYC at his clothing store launch to talk about the upcoming season (And possible final season) of “Jersey Shore, his product lines that he has launched including his famous “Ron-Ron” Juice, and his “Smush” Brand of clothing and liquor, his Post “Jersey Shore” career plans, what his most surreal moments have been as a cast member of one of history’s most unique concepts, what he’s like in real life, the moment he felt he had made it, and soo much more.  I really really liked Ronnie, and you see that he is extremely intelligent, understands what he has been part of, and wants to use this global celebrity and fame to propel himself to bigger and better things. An enormous thank you to Ali and Robert for putting this together for me..Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is Ronnie recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about life before Jersey Shore: