The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade got a chance to chat with Blair Late and Jeff Pedersen of Bravo’s show “Newlyweds”. In the show we follow the first year of marriage for several different couples including, Blair and Jeff, who are the gay couple . Blair and Jeff tell us that the response from the fans has been surprisingly positive. “We thought for sure we we’re going to have to prepare ourselves, that we were going to get all of this hate response and it’s just been loving and supporting people out there.” Blair describes the process of filming to be “very therapeutic”, saying that talking about your relationship and bringing issues to the surfaces kept the relationship healthy. The couple talks about seeing themselves on television, saying sometimes they forgot the cameras were rolling until the bedroom scenes. “ Aside from all of the sexual content that Bravo surprisingly aired, Blair says that this was good in a way because it normalized a different kind of sexual conversation and language. “Five years down the road at least I kind of paved the way for gay people to be able to speak as openly about sex as straight men and women on reality t.v.” The couple talks about the experience of becoming stars, Blair saying he has been famous in other countries, but it is finally nice for it to happen in the U.S. Blair also speaks about the similarity to the Jessica Simpson level of fame from Mtv’s show Newlyweds. He quotes her by saying “It’s like my career didn’t start until I got married”. The guys are hopeful for a spin off, saying good titles would be “Modern Marriage”, “Red White and Blaire” or “Adventures in Blair Sitting”. For more on Blair Late and Jeff Pederson check out the season finale of “Newlyweds: The First Year”, on Bravo tonight at 10pm EST.

Blair Late and Jeff Pedersen In The Lab with @ArthurKade