Now in it’s 6th season, “Flipping Out” has become one of Television’s hottest shows, and has helped transform brilliant interior designer Jeff Lewis into a household name.  Along with his right hand woman, Jenni Pulos, Jeff has made “Jeff Lewis Design” one of the most in demand interior design businesses in America, and created one of Bravo’s best and funniest shows!  Let’s also not forget Zoila Chavez, Jeff’s hilarious housekeeper, helping round out a dynamic cast that has become one of the freshest and most entertaining crews on TV, and with Jenni’s marriage, Jeff introducing his “Throw Momma From The Train Grandmother”, and much more this season, it looks like there is so sign of America getting tired of “Flipping Out”. If you haven’t seen Bravo’s “Flipping Out”, or are a long time fan like me, there is no excuse not to be glued to Bravo every Tuesday 10/9 Central!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down in my NYC studio on Rosh Hashanah with the ultra hilarious and awesome Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos of Bravo’s “Flipping Out” to talk about what to expect in season 6 of their hit show, Jenni’s 2nd Marriage, what it is like to work for Jeff Lewis, how Jeff transformed himself from a House Flipper to an in demand interior designer, and Jenni even raps the “Poo Song” LIVE!  It is tough to share how funny and nice these two are in real life, and it was an absolute blast to spend my Jewish New Year with the stars of one of my favorite shows on TV.  Make sure to catch them every Tuesday at 10/9 Central.  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Here is the dynamic duo on VH1 Big Buzz right after chatting with me!