Everyone who has ever turned on MTV, will probably recognize the network legend Mark Long, who has become a popular TV Host and participant on “Road Rules/Challenge” shows, and was one it’s most prominent reality TV pioneers.  Now all grown up, in addition to his successful television career, Mark has become an entrepreneur with his incredible new product which will help people get in the same type of shape that he is called “Pocket Protein”.  The product is unlike anything on the market and as Mark tells me, “We are calling ourselves a UNIVERSAL product, NOT fitness…we are preaching PROTEIN PAIRING with ANY carb snack to instantly balance out your meal, the COLLAGEN factor to keep everyone young,  and it is ONLY 2 ounces and able to be taken by ANYONE ANYWHERE (no refrigeration needed)”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” spreecasts from LA with the MTV reality TV star to talk about his popular career on TV, his new product “Pocket Protein”, how at 41 he has managed to stay in incredible shape, what prompted him to create “Pocket Protein”, his thoughts on current MTV shows, and so much more!  Enjoy Kade Nation!