Stacy London has become America’s go-to for style and becoming the most fashionable and confident “You” that you can become, and as the host of TLC’s longtime hit “What Not To Wear”, she has endeared herself to millions of Americans with her keen fashion sense, 10,000 watt smile, and ability to make the drab look fabulous.  Now with the release of her second book “The Truth About Style”, Stacy gives us an inside look unlike any person can into the obstacles that keep people from finding their inner and outer beauty, while also giving us a look into her own troubles throughout her life including eating disorders, weight issues, and insecurity.  Part memoir, part self help, part “Learning to Self Embrace”, and ALL Stacy, its a book that teaches us that fashion is about embracing who you are and making that “You” the best it can be.  Using 9 case studies that all connect with her own life, Stacy gives us “The Truth About Style”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible star of TLC’s “What Not To Wear” Stacy London in NYC right after her appearance on NBC’s Today Show to talk about her fabulous new book, the struggles that she dealt with in her own life, how she overcame many of her biggest obstacles, the various women that she did “Start-Overs” for in the book, and what’s next for the fashion and reality star.  Stacy is one of my favorite guests, and one of my favorite people because she is brilliant at what she does, and is funny, humble, and lights up the room while doing it.  Enjoy Kade Nation!

Here is Stacy on NBC’s Today Show right before chatting with me!

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