Jersey Shore was perhaps the greatest reality television phenomenon of our generation, and after 6 successful seasons, life at the shore ended a month ago.  Millions of people watched MTV’s first couple of reality, Ronnie and Sammi meet in the shore house, fall in love, fight like crazy, and by the end we watched them walk into the sunset together.  Their romance didn’t just make TV and tabloid news, it became a national story, and now as we saw the conclusion of one of television’s most groundbreaking shows end, we see life after the “Jersey Shore” begin.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” interviews the couple who’s story kept millions of people wanting more each week, Ronnie and Sammi, for EXTRA TV, and we talk about life after the show, what the experience of “Jersey Shore” was like, what it has been like moving in together, the building and expansion of their various brands and products, how “Real” the drama we saw on TV was, Ronnie’s budding acting career, and soo much more!  We even let the fans come on screen as well to ask Ron and Sam tons of fun questions through Spreecast!  Ron and Sam couldn’t have been nicer, and posed for lots of pictures with fans afterwards.  It’s great to see them together, happy, and building their new paths for life after the hit show.  Enjoy Kade Nation!