Usually I start my posts with listing the interviewee’s accomplishments, but for Chef Robert Irvine that would be an injustice because he is one of the nicest, most humble, and classiest people I have ever had the privilege of chatting with and that is his most incredible gift!  Outside of being an acclaimed five star chef and restaurateur, bestselling author, host of the Food Network’s #1 show “Restaurant Impossible” and “Worst Cooks In America”, an incredible proponent of charity and military causes, and one of America’s most recognizable and beloved TV personalities, Robert Irvine, who spends more then 300 days on the road working, has a nationwide sold out LIVE tour called “Robert Irvine Live” that is unlike anything you will ever see.  A mix of Chopped, Dinner Impossible (Robert’s prior hit show), and Cirque Du Soleil (He hangs from the ceiling and makes sandwiches), it is one of the coolest shows you will ever see!

In its second season, Restaurant: Impossible continues its successful run as one of the networks most popular shows where Robert attempts to save America’s most desperate restaurants from impending failure in just two days with only $10,000.  Over the course of the extreme mission Robert assesses all of the restaurants facets and then overhauls their weakest spots with updates to menus, retraining staff and implementing aesthetic changes with the help of his design team before hitting the streets to tell the community about the improved restaurant.

A native of England, Robert joined the British Royal Navy at the age of 15 and his skills in the kitchen soon came to the attention of his superiors. As part of his service for the Royal Navy, Robert was selected to work on board the Royal Yacht Britannia where the Royal Family and their entourages regularly dined. During his time training U.S. Navy chefs as part of a guest chef program, Robert worked in the White House kitchens and his creations were served to high-ranking government officials. During his career, he has also had the opportunity to serve 6,000 servicemen and women on a U.S. aircraft carrier and plan the menu for a celebrity-studded after-party at the Academy Awards.  Robert is the author of two bestselling cookbooks, “Mission Cook” and “Impossible To Easy”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with acclaimed chef and host of Food Network’s #1 show “Restaurant Impossible”, Chef Robert Irvine, to talk about how a kid from the British Navy grew up to become one of America’s favorite food personalities, why faith and giving is so important to him, how he is able to stay married to beautiful wife and professional wrestler Gail Kim while on the road so much, the “Impossible” tasks of “Restaurant Impossible”, his greatest moment on this ride so far, and soo much more!!  It is honestly difficult to explain how cool and warm Robert is, and how giving he is to his fans and strangers alike.  A true example of how fame and celebrity can be used to better society!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Check out this amazing trailer of “Robert Irvine Live”!!