Male Models who come to your house and remodel it?  Well, “Hott and Handy”, the business that brings this concept to life, has now become one of Style Network’s newest hits, and shows that a pretty face can do more then just walk a runway.  Created by Shane Duffy, this awesome new show focuses on 5 male models Shane, Sandy, Gage, Donny and Mike, who come into people’s lives and help them remodel their homes with a flair we haven’t seen on TV in a long time!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” catches up with the cast of Style Network’s “Built” at NBC, to talk about their new show, how Hott and Handy became a real business and hit TV Show, what the transition to television as been like, and I even reveal my favorite cast member.  If you haven’t see Built, then it’s a MUST WATCH!  Enjoy this interview with the gorgeous cast of “Built”..

Here are the guys on NBC’s Today Show!

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