TruTv’s “Hardcore Pawn” has taken the television world by storm becoming the #1 show in it’s time slot across all of cable and amassing an unprecedented 3 million plus viewers in it’s most recent episode.  It has helped turn pawn shop owners Les Gold and Ashley Broad into household names, with appearances on shows like Good Morning America, and helped them form one of Reality TV’s most successful franchises.  It has now generated two spin offs, and is the flagship of TruTV’s network.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats with “Hardcore Pawn” stars Les Gold and Ashley Broad right after their national appearance on Good Morning America to talk about the incredible success of the show, how they have managed to become this reality show phenomenon, the various internal conflicts that go on inside the confines of the family owned business, why people are so fascinated with “Hardcore Pawn”, some of the CRAZY situations that they encounter, and what the success of the show has meant to the revival of Detroit.  Les and Ashley are absolutely awesome, and congrats on the incredible success of “Hardcore Pawn”!

Here are Les and Ashely on Good Afternoon America recently!