Johnny Bananas has become one of MTV’s most popular personalities, being a 4 time winner of it’s ultra popular “Challenge” and “Real World/Road Rules” series, and whether fans love him or hate him, they are sure always watching him!  His unique personality and say anything motto has helped endear him to millions of fans, and as the series gains more and more popularity each season, Johnny Bananas has become a true legend for the network.  Add in that with the popularity of HBO’s “Entourage”, and their usage of his name on a cartoon monkey for which Johnny has been in the tabloids because of his lawsuit against the show, and it looks like he is just gaining more and more recognition on the fame ladder.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of MTV’s most popular, misunderstood, and controversial personalities on his recent stop in NYC, right after winning MTV’s latest “Challenge” show, to talk about his unique persona, why he is one of the most talked about and popular characters on a network known for it’s unique personalities, the lawsuit that has put him in the tabloids against HBO, what his next steps are when he stops as a “Challenge” participant, what people really think of him, and sooo much more!  Johnny couldn’t have been a nicer guy as we hung out in an apartment in Chelsea before his nightclub appearance that night, and something tells me we haven’t seen his last “Challenge” win! Enjoy Kade Nation!!