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When you see a Picasso painting, and are told it’s worth 40 million dollars, you’re automatic reaction is “That is just incredible!”.  But what if it was a forgery? A fake? That this one truth could make someone penniless overnight?  Well, Curtis Dowling and his team of investigators are out to expose the fakes! They are on a mission to help collectors of art and antiques discover if they’re holding trash or treasure.  It’s a real life Thomas Crown Affair each and every episode.

“Treasure Detectives” takes you deep inside the world of arts, antiques and collectibles and asks the question: is it a fake or is it worth a fortune? The series introduces world-renowned art detective Curtis Dowling and his team of investigators whose clients may be the victim of elaborate hoaxes. Each week, the “Treasure Detectives” team meets collectors and verifies the authenticity of collectibles, artwork and antiquities using innovative technology and street smarts to determine whether they’re sophisticated forgeries or extremely valuable collectors’ items…answers that could cost or earn owners a small fortune. They trace not just where an item came from, but how it was made…and in many cases, how it was faked.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the man who can tell you whether you have made or lost millions in one swoop of the eye, Curtis Dowling, star of CNBC PrimeTime’s “Treasure Detectives” to talk about his unique new reality show, the great lengths he goes to find the truth, some of the incredible situations he deals with, what it’s like telling someone that what they thought was worth millions is worthless, why the MET in NYC is 40% fakes, and soo much more!  “Treasure Detectives” looks sexy and fun, so make sure to tune in tonight!  Enjoy Kade Nation.

A preview of what to expect tonight on Treasure Detectives: