The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade got to sit down and speak with the cast of “Pregnant and Dating” on We TV. The show’s stars Megan, Keisha, and Melissa tell us about the dynamic of the show, saying “We’re not only pursuing dating but our lives, our careers, family, friends, and the aspect of having it all.” Melissa, known as the serious one on the show says, she is a direct and straight forward person, who is not afraid to say how she feels. Megan, describes herself as the fun loving one, but says the reality of it is that the show is about her having her career and her baby. Keisha talks about breaking the expectations that society has for pregnant mothers, she says “We’re not the first single moms to exist in the history of being pregnant…just because we’re pregnant doesn’t mean that we’re dead…we weren’t pregnant and making out.” The cast tells us how it can be hard to date because men are still intimidated by beautiful and talented women. Keisha also says that being pregnant changes you and you look for different things in men, specifically maturity with a role model aspect. The girls say that the show has garnered a lot of positive feed back from the show, saying that their stories are helping other pregnant women feel as though they are not alone. The ladies call themselves as an example of the modern mom, saying “you don’t have to sit home just because you’re pregnant, you can go out and have fun.” For more from the girls catch “Pregnant and Dating” on We TV, Saturday’s at 9pm EDT.

The cast of “Pregnant and Dating” In The Lab with Arthur Kade