The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade was able to sit down and chat on Spreecast with Bob Bergen, the voice of the legendary Porky Pig. Bob, who is currently nominated for an Emmy for the part, discusses how he came to this role, he says “I honestly told my Parents when I was five, I wanna be Porky Pig… I figured out a formula to the way he talked, how he stuttered, and I was obsessed with him.” Bob says that when his parents moved to California he decided to call Mel Blanc and let him know he could retire. He tells Arthur how he crashed a Mel Blanc studio session, which later lead to him studying voice overs, improv, acting, and then becoming a voice actor. When Blanc died, Bergen became the new voice of Porky Pig after a series of callbacks in 1989. Bob says that the character and voice of Porky Pig is second nature to him, saying that he his more comfortable in pigskin than in his own skin. Bob walks us through the process of becoming a voice actor, saying the actual acting part of the job is most important, and that “the script is just a skelton, your job is to give it a body.” Bergen talks about being nominated with Seth Macfarlane, saying that Seth is a genius and that he would love to work with him. Bergan also compares “Looney Tunes” to “Family Guy” saying that the original writers of the show did push the envelope and the writers are witty in the way that they can write jokes comprehensible by adults and children all in one line.